Source Code For Sale

As of August 1, 2020, we are discontinuing support for all iPhone apps in production.  They will be removed from the Apple Store, probably before that, depending on how fast they drop off unsupported apps.

Development information:
All apps were developed using Xamarin. It's more correct to say Visual Studio now because Xamarin itself merged itself into VS, and is no longer considered a separate entity. All of these apps compile and function 100%. They have all passed Apple's rigid approval process. But they WILL NEED to be recompiled for the newest SDK.

Here is the list of apps, and relevant data for prospective buyers. They are listed in order by popularity and income potential.


App name Release Date Users Impressions Cost
icon Concert Lighter 2017-11-17 30,649 340,894 $325
icon Halloween Countdown 2016-09-20 5,443 91,903 $250
icon Metric Converter 2016-09-20 1,335 56,677 $150
icon Moon Phase Clock 2017-11-17 611 47,861 $100
icon Gravity Simulator 2017-11-17 1,190 37,852 $50
icon EZ Tip Calculator 2016-04-23 <100 26,162 $25
icon Christmas Countdown 2016-09-20 <100 11,976 $25

If you are interested in buying the entire set of apps, the total cost is $500.

We will zip up and package entire source code and sets of assets for delivery. All apps should import and compile 100% with no problems. We will then transfer over all certificates and ownership from Apple Store. This is why this MUST BE DONE soon! Because once the apps are taken down from the store, there will be no way to transfer them to another developer account.

Please contact us for more information.